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Which Specialty Publishing Package is Right for You?

Xlibris' Specialty Publishing Packages are designed for writers who are after a book publishing service specific to their genre. Here at Xlibris, we understand that each kind of book has its own unique needs, so we want to make sure that your book publishing experience is the best possible fit to your publishing dream.

Choose the specialty publishing package that best describes your genre, and you can choose to publish your work in classic black & white, or dazzling full colour.

Publishing a book has never been more rewarding than with Xlibris' specialty publishing packages.

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The only publishing package on the market today that helps you reach out to fellow Christians to tell them more about your book and direct them to bookstores where they can secure a copy of their own.

Find out more about Publishing your Christian Book in Black & White or Full Colour.

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With full control over the text layout, a custom cover design, and a wealth of interior images, Xlibris’ Poetry Publishing Packages give you free creative rein and full support throughout the entire production process. Our free consultation with a cover and interior designer means that your exact vision for your work can be created and shared with the world in beautiful bookstore quality paperback format.

Find out more about Publishing your Poetry Book in Black & White or Full Colour.

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Take your book into another dimension with the only publishing package tailor-made for Sci-Fi books. All the features you need to publish and distribute your epic tale, plus targeted marketing services to enable you to reach readers interested in the science fiction genre.

Whether you have one book to publish, two books, or an entire series, our Sci-Fi packages may help you get your novels to your target readers.

Find out more about Publishing your Sci-Fi Book.

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If you have always dreamed of sharing your story with not only the children close to you but with children everywhere, then the Xlibris Children’s Publishing Packages are for you. Make a child laugh, share a valuable life lesson, or take them on a magical journey into their imagination with your book.

Best of all, you can bring your story to vivid life with the Xlibris Art Studio, which can help you with the illustrations, customise the layout, and truly make your story a work of art.

Find out more about Publishing your Children's Book.

Xlibris Romance Publishing


If you believe you have the gift to enamour readers with words that tug at their heartstrings, Xlibris Romance Publishing encourages you to express and share your craft. Whether you wish to gift readers with what could be a timeless love tale or simply share your love of words, Xlibris gives you free rein to express your literary flair through the Romance Debut package.

Find out more about Publishing your Romance Book.