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SCI-FI SOLO - £599

Let Xlibris take your book into another dimension with the Sci-Fi Solo package, packed with all the features you need to publish and distribute your epic tale, plus targeted marketing services to enable you to reach readers interested in the science fiction genre.

The Sci-Fi Solo service includes:

Design and image features:

Production feature

Post-publication features:

Marketing feature

  • Banner Ad on a Sci-Fi-Related Website for One Month
  • SciFi Book Review Campaign

A targeted book review campaign to book review sites that encourage and support independently published titles in the Fantasy and SciFi genres. We will send a review copy to each of the three sites listed below, and one more to a reviewer of your choice that you can select from our media list.

  1. -
  2. -
  3. : -
  4. Another reviewer of your choice

Xlibris cannot guarantee that your book will be reviewed by any of the sites, as they retain the right to determine which books they will review.

*Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the book copies, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.