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We want to hear your ideas for your book. Let our graphic design professionals know what you envision, and we will do our best to incorporate your suggestions into the design to produce a quality book with which you will immediately fall in love.

  • Application

    If your book has an intended use or application, let our designers know, so that they can keep this in mind when planning the overall design. For example, a children's book will look different from an art portfolio and an art portfolio will look different from a photo album. Simply put, what kind of book would you like to publish?

      Here are some examples of book applications:
    • Art gallery
    • Children's book
    • Health Manual
    • Art portfolio
    • Cookbook
    • How-to manual
    • Brochure
    • Graphic novel
    • Photo album
    • Business collateral
    • Guide
    • Presentation
    • Or any application you envision
  • Overall Tone

    The overall tone of your book stems directly from the kind of book you would like to publish. Now that we know what your book will look like, tell us what you want it to feel like. Is it happy, or is it sad? Serious or silly? Technical or just for fun? Keep in mind that simple descriptions work best in helping us make appropriate design choices.

      Here are some examples of overall tones:
    • Creepy
    • Informal
    • Sad
    • Excited
    • Informative
    • Serious
    • Formal
    • Lighthearted
    • Silly
    • Happy
    • Nostalgic
    • Technical
    • Or any tone you envision
  • Font Themes

    The font theme relates to your overall tone, but it is the specific way the text in your book will be treated. Included on this page are examples of font themes. While we may not use the exact fonts found on this page, we will select something from the family of fonts that fall into thematic categories and choose the one that's right for your book. Use one of these examples or tell us your general font theme.

    Here are some examples of font themes:

    Or any font theme you envision

  • Colour Themes

    The colour theme also correlates to your overall tone, by adopting colours to suit your theme. Our designers will select from a library of colour palettes to use for background and text colours. Often the colours contained within your images will produce a suitable palette, but you are free to suggest a colour theme that you think would work well.

      Here are some examples of colour themes:
    • Seasonal - summer, fall, winter and spring
    • Pastels - cool, warm, feminine and masculine
    • Primary - red, blue, yellow
    • Secondary - purple, orange, green
    • Contemporary - bright or subdued
    • Techno - warm or cool greys with neon highlights
    • Contrasting - dark-darks and light-lights
    • Complimentary- red and green, blue and orange, etc.
    • Historical - beiges and other earth tones
    • Holiday (name the holiday and we'll supply the colors)
    • Or any colour theme you envision

If you have any questions about the suggestions you can make, please don't hesitate to contact an Xlibris Associate on 0800-056-3182 (freephone), or e-mail