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If you choose the Professional Package or any of the higher end packages, you can select one of the cover templates below.

  • Professional authors can choose any of the cover templates below.
  • Custom, Premium, Executive and Platinum authors can choose to customise their cover with an Xlibris designer.

Each template offers a different design, and accommodates a different number of images. In each case, you will need to supply us with the images (photos, drawings, etc.) you would like to be used on the covers. Author photos are optional; you do not need to supply one if you don't want to.

All templates will require you to select a font and choose a background colour or pattern. You can write your choices on the order form. Xlibris can reproduce any font that is in the Adobe Type Library. Search the font library to find the font that is right for you.

Below we show you the covers as they appear in paperback format. Please note that your book will also be produced in hardcover format, and the hardcover dust jackets arrange the cover elements slightly differently. For example, the author photo appears on the inside back flap of the hardcover dust jacket, while the author photo appears on the back cover of the paperback.

If you have questions about the cover templates please contact us at 0800 056 3182 (or +44 20 3014 4095 if you’re calling from outside the UK), or you may send an e-mail to

Basic Cover Template #4

Basic Cover Template #4

  • Boxed portrait cover art - centered
  • Cover art size: 3.5"x5"
  • Author photo on back


Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Shipping and handling for book copies. If any, are not included in the publishing package price. Some restrictions may apply.