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Sylva Kelegian: Penning a Princess’s Story into an Award-winning Children’s Book

Film and TV audiences may recognise Sylva Kelegian as an accomplished character actor. She has appeared in many off-Broadway productions and in films like Stephen King’s Desperation, Spiderman, Crash, Atlas Shrugged, and Return to Zero. She has also played roles on TV programmes such as CSI, NCIS: Los Angeles, Southland, Rizzoli & Isles, ER, Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, Big Love, Prison Break, Bones, Without a Trace, and many others.

Other than her love for acting, which she shares with husband, Jude Ciccoclella, Sylva is also a passionate animal rescuer and has helped rescue hundreds of animals in the past twelve years. She has even lent her talents to her advocacy, co-writing S.O.S., a one-hour drama for TV about the dog-rescue world.

Her writing isn’t limited to onscreen productions. Recently, Sylva earned accolades for her books The Dolphin Princess and God Spelled Backwards at the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards. She earned popular and literary recognition for her children’s book, The Dolphin Princess, which won the top prize in the Children’s Book category. According to Sylva, writing on The Dolphin Princess began eighteen years ago. The story is inspired by memories from her childhood (times spent on Anna Maria Island in Florida and abroad as well as beloved tokens and toys) and a heaping of help from her husband. When asked how the title of her award-winning book was conceived, Sylva reveals that Jude, during their honeymoon, called her “the dolphin princess” because of her swimming abilities. She loved the name so much, she told herself that one day she would write a book with that title.

Her memoir, God Spelled Backwards: The Journey of an Actress Into the World of Dog Rescue, was named finalist in the same awards programme. It is based on her work on animal rescue in the past twelve years and offers a view into the challenges she faces and the high and low points she experienced as an animal rescuer. Both books display Sylva’s deftness and delight with words.

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