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Michael J. Schultz: Takes Readers on Espionage Thrill Ride

Michael J. Schultz was born and raised in Allen Park, Michigan, just south of Detroit. Michael spent his formative years living the surf life in Southern California, as a banker in Laguna Beach and as a singer/songwriter in San Clemente. It was there, amidst a dream, that the storyline for The Vela Project was born. Being the youngest of ten siblings, Michael was raised on the words of Tolkein, C. S. Lewis, big band music, and the sounds of Peter Green, Brian Wilson, The Beatles, and Brian Eno. Michael currently spends his days enjoying the company of his life partner Sharon and his three boys, Alexander, James, and Jeremy.

In his novel, The Vela Project, a terrorist bio-attack leaves millions stricken with an unknown virus. This scar on humanity has left desperate politicians with no alternatives than to rest their hopes on bizarre science and theories surrounding an untested cure. The ensuing lust for answers and power by the corrupt New World Order leads to betrayal, assassinations, internment camps and the potential destruction of the United States as we know it! In this ultimate battle between good and evil who will win the race against time? The Vela Project is a compelling examination of society and the human condition and the many layers that make the world go-round.

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