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12 and Fabulously Self-Published


At the age of 12, most of us may have spent weekends hanging out with friends. Staying in our rooms, staring at the computer monitor, and punching away at the keyboard would be the farthest thing from our minds, unless it's to play the latest video games.

So it's quite refreshing to discover Grace Simmons, who applied her creativity and skill to pursue a goal most of us at her age would think of as a major homework. That's because last December 2012, Ms. Simmons became one of the newest and youngest Xlibris self-published authors with the release of her debut coming-of-age adventure novel, Unexpected. In this month’s edition of the Xlibris Author Spotlight, Ms. Simmons shares her experience of writing the novel, who her favourite writers are, and what it felt like to realise her publishing dream.

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