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Slow and Steady: The Rise of Xlibris' Winning Authors


This month, Xlibris brings you the initial four of 10 authors, in no particular order, whose ascension from obscurity to literary prominence started with humble beginnings, proving that while overnight success can happen, slow, steady, and persistent efforts almost always presage enduring success in the publishing field.

James Wesley Rawles Fiction author James Wesley Rawles gained a massive following with the release of his first book Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse back in 1998. A story set upon the backdrop of the so-called 2000 apocalypse and the Y2K bug, Rawles and his book became even more popular with its republishing under Xlibris in 2006. He has since translated that success into the Patriots novel series.

Edward Mooney Jr. Edward Mooney Jr. is set to harvest the fruits of his literary labor after his book The Pearls of the Stone Man, first published by Xlibris, was picked up by the Japanese production house Running Beagle, LLC, for big screen adaptation. On top of that, this raconteur has added another notch to his belt after being named Teacher of the Year in the state of California in 2010.

Gene Brewer Sci-fi writer Gene Brewer's name echoes across the hallowed halls of Xlibris lore after his K-Pax novel was turned into a commercial success with its movie adaptation back in 2001, starring no less than Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey. He is currently at work for the final instalment of the series set to be released next year.

David Mills David Mills raised eyebrows but gained the nod of readers everywhere with his book Atheist Universe, which was published through Xlibris back in 2004. Mills has since signed up with Ulysses Press where he continues to gain fans and readers alike.

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