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Retail Market Gateway Plus


This host of marketing packages highlights the strategic partnership between Xlibris and Baker & Taylor, the world's largest distributor of books and multimedia products. It gives authors the chance not only to promote their books, but to also put them in front of major decision makers in the industry. Schools, libraries, retailers, independent booksellers, and other publishing gateways trust Baker & Taylor, and buy their books-physical and electronic-from them.

These advertising channels and campaigns are made accessible to authors through the Xlibris Retail Marketing Platforms packages:

Baker & Taylor Microsite (Emergent Voices) - This microsite was created by Baker & Taylor to address the need for a trusted source for key decision makers who are always on the lookout for new titles. Books will be featured for two weeks on the front page of the microsite then go to other pages on the site under their corresponding categories. They stay on the site for a total of three months.

Forecast Catalogue - The most widely circulated monthly publication of Baker & Taylor, Forecast, boasts a subscriber base of over 50,000. It primarily promotes new and forthcoming adult hardcover, trade and mass-market paperback, and spoken-word audio titles. This magazine enables publishers to reach out to bookstore owners, libraries, retailers and wholesalers, and help them get to know future bestsellers and other noteworthy titles so they can make well-informed buying decisions.

ForeWord Magazine - One of the most reputable publications in the industry, ForeWord has a readership count of 20,000. Librarians, bookstore owners and other key players in the industry subscribe to this magazine.

TS3 Banner Ad - Baker & Taylor's premier search and ordering tool, used daily by its retail, academic and public library customers. Books will be promoted on the Title Source 3 home page or primary search screen.

Single Slot Banner Ad (one out of 4 slots) - on Baker & Taylor's TS360 web-based ordering platform on display for two weeks.

Take advantage of the above publications bundled with other targeted trade publications for maximum value and optimum exposure:

Baker & Taylor Microsite (Emergent Voices)
Forecast Catalogue
ForeWord Single Slot Print Ad
Single Slot Banner Ad (one out of 4 slots) on Baker & Taylor’s TS360