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Radio Snip


Want to add a more personal touch to your marketing campaign? You can start with an ad that speaks to your readers.

The human voice has the potential to make your promotions more personal and less businesslike, making readers feel like someone is speaking directly to them. And when coupled with airings on terrestrial radio, it’s an opportunity for you to reach a mass audience in just a short time.

Advertise your book in the audio format with our Radio Snip package. You get a 30-second audio teaser for your book, which we’ll air twice on a syndicated talk radio network.

This package includes:

  • A 30-second professionally produced audio teaser about your published book, informing potential readers of its availability.

  • Terrestrial Radio Airing

  • - Your audio teaser aired twice on a syndicated talk radio network of up to 400 stations. One airing reaches an estimated audience of 500, 000.

    - A notarized proof of airing at the end of the campaign

To learn more or to purchase this service, call your Marketing Consultant today at 0800 056 3182 or +44 1908 309250 if you’re calling from outside the UK (international call rates apply).