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Cinema Advertising Australia


Turn cinema viewers into potential readers with the Xlibris Cinema Advertising Australia!

Xlibris offers you the chance to showcase your book on the big screen in various cinemas of your choice in Australia with the Xlibris Cinema Advertising Australia. Choose from over 300 cinemas with about 800 digital screens in 15 different localities across the country.

Through this marketing service, you have the chance to create an impact, generate awareness and interest for your title, and most importantly, develop a targeted ad campaign intended to attract new markets and open up new bookselling opportunities. This service offers you the following benefits:

Cinema Advertising Australia,

  • A 30-second Book Video w/ Voice-Over optimised for cinema advertising placement.
  • A total of 200 cinema screenings (the number of times your book video is shown) over the span of four weeks, in one cinema venue of your choice.

You can also expand your cinema advertising campaign with these add-ons:

  • Additional Cinema, £4,199
    This add- on gives you 200 additional screenings that will be run in a different cinema of your choice for four weeks.
  • Additional Screentime, £4,199
    This add- on gives you 200 additional screenings that will be run in the same cinema (as your Cinema Advertising Australia choice) for four weeks.

Please allow 2 weeks to 3 months for the preparation of your Xlibris Book Video. Scheduled air date is subject to the cinema’s available inventory. Movie pairing is at the discretion of the cinema, depending on your book’s genre, relevance to current movie inventory and viewer guidance rating.