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Review Duo


Do you want to find out how potential readers might receive your book? Then hand your book over to the experts and let them critique it.

Xlibris’ Review Duo service offers review services by two reputable US-based book critics. Your book will get unbiased assessment and reviews by:

  • Pacific Book Review (PBR) - Founded in 2005, Pacific Book Review accepts literary works of various genres and recognizes a book’s aesthetic appeal both in cover design and content. Trusted by many publishers, authors, literary agents, and the media, PBR gives an unbiased assessment for both novice and seasoned authors. Your work will have the chance to be a featured book of the month or one of the top 5 reviews on PBR’s homepage. It will also be automatically entered into the Pacific Book Awards.
  • The US Review of Books (USRB) – This is a contemporary website that reviews both traditional and self-published books. Aside from a review, your book will also be displayed on the Featured Book Reviews section on the USRB homepage for one month. It will also be submitted as an entry to the Eric Hoffer Award. Winners will be featured on the USRB website and published in Best New Writing, an annual anthology of fiction and creative nonfiction.

The Review Duo service includes:

  • A PBR Book Review
  • A USRB Book Review
  • Automatic entry to the Eric Hoffer Award
  • Automatic entry to Pacific Book Awards
  • Reviews placement on our BookMad magazine
  • Free cover revision option to include the blurb of the reviews on your book cover

Sign up for this service by calling your Marketing Consultant today on 0800 056 3182 (or +44 20 3014 4095 if you’re calling from outside the UK). You may also send an e-mail to