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Radio Advertising UK - Local


Since radio’s invention over a century ago, it has remained significant even in the current digital age. In fact, today’s smartphones and other gadgets are equipped with radio apps or function, showing how radio has weathered the dizzying speed of technology and has instead evolved and become even more sophisticated.

UK-based Radio Joint Audience Research Limited (RAJAR), the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, revealed these statistics:

  • 90% of the population tune in to radio every week
  • A listener tunes into an average of 21.3 hours of radio per week
  • 62% already listen to radio via digital platform
  • 36.3% of listeners use a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio
  • 26% of all adults claim to listen to radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once per month*

Xlibris helps you tap into this time-honoured powerful medium through Radio Advertising UK, a radio advertising service that can help you introduce your self-published book to radio listeners across the UK.

With this service, you get:

  • Script creation and production of a 30-second radio commercial, recorded using a professional voiceover and stock background music
  • Commercial is aired 35 times, spread over the course of one week, on a radio station of the author’s choice (from a provided list)
  • BookMad feature

If you want to broaden your campaign, we offer options to extend airing for an additional one (1) week or have additional airings on a different radio station. Contact your Marketing Consultant to find out more about these options:

Radio Advertising UK - Local Additional Week (£1,799)

An additional week of airing the commercial 35 times on the same radio station that was purchased with the Radio Advertising UK - Local

Radio Advertising UK - Extra Station (£1,799)

Commercial is aired 35 times over the course of one week on an additional station of the author’s choice (from a provided list)


After the commercial is produced, you may still request the following revisions free of charge:

  • Changes to audio levels
  • Changes to production music

Any revisions that involve voice recording will cost £149.

Source: RAJAR, “Q1 Summary of Radio Listening

*As of 2017