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Book Video Advertising - Premium


While a visual display may catch the interest of viewers, engaging them in a narrative is even better. Create a more vivid viewing experience by having your story told by a professional voice-over actor. Your Xlibris Book Video Advertising - Premium will give you:

  • One (1) Xlibris Book Video with Voice marketing service
  • A 30-second version of the Xlibris Book Video with Voice

This will be used in the YouTube campaign.

  • A 30-day video ad campaign on YouTube

Your ad will appear at the beginning of a YouTube video or in between videos. Interested viewers may click on your book video ad and gain access to either your book’s online bookstore page or your own book website to find more information about or purchase your book.

Sign up today and create a lasting impression on one of the biggest audiences in the world!

Purchase your Xlibris Book Video YouTube Advertising Package by calling 0800 056 3182 (Domestic) or +44 20 3014 4095 (International)), or by sending an e-mail to