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Bookstore Returnability – 12 Months


The ability to return unsold print books is a standard publishing business practice that has remained since the Great Depression. Since that time, brick-and-mortar booksellers have been able to mitigate their own financial risk by relying on publishers to credit returned books.

Often, booksellers will hesitate to order and stock books when they aren’t “Returnable.” This means if getting your title stocked on bookstore shelves is part of your marketing plan, Bookstore Returnability is an essential element to earning shelf space and/or in-store book signings.

When you purchase Bookstore Returnability:

  • Your book will be designated as “Returnable” in Ingram’s ipage ordering system for retailers and libraries. (Ingram is the world’s largest wholesaler and distributor of books.)
  • Your book will be designated as “Returnable” in Baker & Taylor’s ordering system for retailers and libraries. (Baker & Taylor is a leading distributor of books, with 180 years in the business.)*
  • You will not be charged back for royalties earned on the sales to the store if your books are returned.

Note: Your book will be designated on ipage within two to seven weeks. It can then take 30 to 60 days for returnability status to appear within individual retailers’ systems. Confirmation of your title’s listing in ipage is available upon your request.

What assurance can Xlibris give that a bookstore will order and stock my book?

Xlibris does not have control over whether a bookstore will order and stock your book. Each bookstore, be it commercial and independently owned, manages its own business operations including which title to stock on its shelves.

Click here to learn more about the Bookstore Returnability Programme.

Call your publishing consultant at 0800 056 3182.

* The Bookstore Returnability is valid for one year from the date your book goes live.
The Bookstore Returnability Renewal is available in one/two/three year increments thereafter.