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Book Video Advertising - Stand-alone (30 days)


Get the opportunity to draw new audiences and make an instant connection with readers and book shoppers through your book video advertisement. Sign up for your Xlibris Book Video Advertising Package and promote your book on the most popular online video sites,

By posting your book video ad through YouTube, you are tapping into an engaged audience across the country and around the world. Get a chance to expand your readership and increase your bookselling reach by choosing the video advertising package that will showcase your book in the best light today!

  • A 30-day** video ad campaign on YouTube

    Your ad will appear at the beginning of a YouTube video or in between videos. Interested viewers may click on your book video ad and gain access to either your book’s online bookstore page or your own book website to find more information about or purchase your book.

Only authors with existing Xlibris book or author videos may take advantage of this exciting package. Make sure you’ve signed up for any of the following Xlibris video services before making your purchase:

**Want to have a longer campaign period? Contact your marketing consultant to get a custom quote for your video campaign.

Sign up today and create a lasting impression on one of the biggest audiences in the world!

Purchase your Xlibris Book Video YouTube Advertising Package by calling 0800 056 3182 (Domestic) or +44 20 3014 4095 (International)), or by sending an e-mail to