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Xlibris offers an array of publishing packages created to make your literary journey easier. After you write and edit your book, we complete the design of the interior and cover, get your book listed by big distributors and online stores, then print-on-demand as orders come in, and pay royalties on each sale. And you retain all the rights to your work at every stage.

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Xlibris' Black & White Book Publishing makes your book available in quality paperback, hardback and bespoke leather bound tomes. Perfect for fiction tales, non-fiction books, memoirs, poetry or almost anything you can envision. Xlibris' Black & White Book Publishing Services feature a full colour cover, greyscale interior and perfect binding. Choose from six comprehensive publishing packages, each with a unique combination of marketing, editorial and publishing services for a truly customised self-publishing experience.

Xlibris can help you publish almost anything in full colour. From children's books to cookbooks, family photo albums to corporate materials, graphic novels to catalogues – the possibilities are limitless. With six complete Full Colour Book Publishing Packages to choose from, Xlibris makes your decision to publish easy and straightforward.

By publishing your full colour book through Xlibris, you are choosing the world's most affordable and convenient route to achieving first-rate digital colour publication. Once your book is published, it is available to readers and booksellers worldwide in a beautiful, full colour edition and you receive a royalty on each copy purchased by your audience.

Xlibris Specialty Publishing Packages are designed specifically for writers who are after a book publishing service specific to their genre. Choose the specialty publishing package that best describes your genre, and you can choose to publish your work in classic black & white, or dazzling full colour. Publishing a book has never been more rewarding than with Xlibris' tailor-made specialty publishing packages.


Preparing your book for literary publication can be a tiresome task. Creating a professional manuscript can take months or, more often than not, years. Xlibris has professional in-house specialists who can help transform your work into a publication and market-ready material.

Whether you are a first-time author or an experienced writer, Xlibris’ editorial services can help you improve and enhance the readability and quality of your book. Choose from a comprehensive array of editorial services that suit your needs.

If you want your self-published book to sell, a marketing plan is a must. You need to know what kind of promotion works best for your genre to maximise sales potential. Our Xlibris Marketing Consultants can advise you on which of our marketing services best fit your genre, personal goals, and marketing needs.

Get the word out about your book! Call 0800 056 3182 to speak with your personal marketing consultant who can help you pick the best marketing approach for your book.

Formatting and design are key elements to the success of your book. Make sure your writer’s eye catches the nitty-gritty requirements that you need to ensure a quality self-published book. At Xlibris, you can customise your publishing package with optional extras available to meet your specific requirements.

Xlibris’ wide variety of additional services is designed to complement your supported self-publishing experience. Some of these options are included in the publishing packages, so be sure to review the details of your service level carefully.