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Anders Wennerstrom

imageXlibris matched what I dreamt of in my wildest fantasies. I’ve already published two books with them! With the help of intelligent marketing platforms and a very effective use of media, Xlibris has made it possible for alternative books to gain wider access to an audience. So, basically, what has happened here with the help of Xlibris is that they have got me to understand the value of my books. And the real grandeur in this, is that they have also helped me to understand the value of myself. "

Jeanette Voyzey

imageMy journey into self-publishing has been an interesting one with Xlibris. I found the whole experience cathartic and in a way a healing process. The original idea to write my memoir was triggered by my granddaughter who lives in Australia. I see very little of her due to the expense of traveling and the miles between us. I wanted her to understand as much as possible about my life so she could get to know me.

The interesting result of my book, which I felt, was an honest appraisal of my early life, is the general response from some people, which varies from “Hey” to “Well done” and in some very minimal cases, complete disregard, which I feel is a lack of understanding of the meaning of the written word. In response to this apathy, I launched “Ice Cream on Thursdays” in our local library. The book earned huge acclaim, followed up with a review. This resulted in lots of questions and general comments on my book. My book sales during the launch and afterwards have proven extremely good. The opinion in most cases is that it is well written and an extremely interesting read.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Xlibris for the professional help and guidance during the writing and publishing process and I would also like to say a huge thank you to Matthew Shaver for his positive four-star review on the Xlibris website. If you read this Matthew.

I am so pleased I eventually achieved my lifetime ambition to put my early life in to print and I continue to strive to expand my readership in as many ways as possible."

Sylvia Harvie

imageI originally contacted Xlibris to receive a quote as I am on a tight budget. I was able to scrape together the deposit to begin my journey into self-publishing. I was amazed at how quickly they had put it all together. Xlibris used my little watercolour for the book cover, which I had painted to describe the main scene in the book to the publicist. My daughter paid the balance and we were off and running. Thanks to Xlibris, my book Move Forward is now listed with booksellers all over the world. "

William A. Gonzales

imageI am so glad for the day that I decided to publish my book through Xlibris. Their amazing staff, at every level, was truly helpful in “every single step’” of the process. Turning my written work into a published product was such a smooth ride — what an efficient, professional, and hard working team. Donna Green, I am extremely grateful to you for being so patient, kind, and supportive. You helped me jump-start my book writing career."

S’kay Magagane

imageXlibris went all out for this book, with much patience from the consultants themselves. Through them I got a chance to speak with the legendary Stu Taylor. I had fun having him interview me! This surpassed my expectation. "

VJ Parker

imageXlibris has been a very good supporter, encouraging me to continue writing. Xlibris has an excellent group of illustrators who have been able to do an incredible job on my book covers. Thank you, Xlibris, for all your support in getting my books out there for readers to access and enjoy."

Cheryl Scheffer

imageI had a lot of support from my publishing team at Xlibris, and found that publishing a book is a very pleasant and rewarding experience that took me to dizzying heights."

Jodie Zammit

imageI have only the best things to say about Xlibris Publishing. They have been by my side through the entire publication and marketing of my book, People of the Shadows - The Key. They have been forthcoming with advice and opinion when asked, guiding me every step of the way. Every representative, whom I've had the good fortune to work with, has been so helpful, and made this completely daunting experience for a newbie, so much easier. Thank you guys, it's been a pleasure."

Corliss Johnson

imageI published my book "Poetic Praise" with Xlibris. Those assigned to me were very friendly and helpful throughout the process."

Allan Gaekwad

imageI congratulate Xlibris who has published my book An Appreciation of Dorrit Black Paintings. The people at all time were very helpful and understanding needs of the writer in a particular situation. I congratulate your company and I have many more books to publish. Right now I am working on a novel and completing nine short biographies. these book will be ready in 2/3 months. There are many publishing companies out of US emailing me with there products and wide distribution and other discounts etc. I have to be very selective and economical. "

Soji Oyineyi

imageXlibris, this is superb. Thanks so very much. You guys are awesome as always!"

Arleen Alleman

imageI would have to say that getting my copyedited and formatted manuscript back from Xlibris is always a thrill. Seeing the book as it will be published makes it real. I have also been very impressed with the graphic art work done for my covers and the ability of the designer to interpret my description and turn it into a beautiful cover."

Jennifer L. Martin

imageAs an author, I had a certain format I wanted for my book, and a lot of other publishers couldn’t accommodate me. Xlibris can do any type of formatting I wanted. Their customer service, marketing team, and my personal representative helped me every step of the way. They made this whole process simple and I’m truly grateful to have found Xlibris. Not only did they do a soft cover version of my book they also did it in eBook format. I remember the day I received a copy of my book, it was the most magical moment and I was in awe of the whole experience. I’m in the process of writing my second book and Xlibris will be my publisher of choice. It truly is great working with them! Thank you Xlibris!!!"

Dicy McCullough

imageNot having any knowledge about publishing, I felt fortunate to have found Xlibris. They have always been patient and kind and available to answer any questions. As a result, slowly, but surely, in 2010 my first children’s book began to take shape and now three years later, I have four books in what I call my Tired Book Series."

David Pendery

imageWorking with Xlibris was on the whole quite good, and they were helpful. I was very happy with their service. They delivered the product mostly on time, did a good job of editing the book (I paid for this service), and provided other services that were useful (I like the way they give you a one-year subscription to the Author Learning Center website). "

Dr George Kaliaden

imageThank you @xlibrispub for the immense patience Seems you know how to handle authors' varying levels of inspiration & "perspiration"."

Richard E. Todd

imageXlibris offered a wealth of information on their website in the Authors Lounge and I listened to and read nearly every one of the hundreds of posts they had. And in the middle of all this learning, I wrote.

After three years of work and education I submitted my manuscript and enjoyed the professional work of Xlibris as they polished my words, created an energetic cover, and guided me through the publishing maze.

After only a few weeks I have national press in multiple areas, I’m enjoying international sales, have autographed many books, and am thrilled at the enjoyment my work is bringing others."

Jerry Jennings

imageIt is always a thrill to see the first galley proofs of the manuscript and just as exciting to see and touch the first test copy of the finished book. Since I’ve self-published three books with Xlibris, it shows how pleased I’ve been with Xlibris."

Robert Spina

image‎Special thanks to Xlibris my publisher for helping me make my dreams come true. I appreciate all your support in helping me continue my dreams by helping me spread the word and liking and sharing my website or The Robert Spina Book Collection. Start your collection and get them all right from the start. You can always see me or contact me on my Face book page thank you all, best wishes and continued success to all."

Katie Santee

imageThank you so much for making my first book a success. I did my first book signing Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014 at the Book Rack in Palm Coast, Fl. We set a store record in sales, making the owner extremely happy.

This could have never been possible without the assistance of your diligent staff who walked me through every step in the process of publishing my book. I am looking forward to working with you in the publication of my upcoming book for release in the summer of 2015."

Amy Alice

imageSo far my Xlibris team has been awesome. They are communicating well with me and have had good ideas to help. It helps me to feel at ease that they are on top of things."

Amy Alice

imageXlibris is terrific they handled my book with respect and care.I was treated with patients and kindness My book is awesome. Thanks

I have had awesome experience with Xlibris they were kind patient respectful. I have nothng but great things to say. "

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