Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Have you ever considered for even a moment that your book could be adapted into a movie or television series? If your answer is a resounding “Yes “, then let Xlibris improve your chances of hitting an on-screen crossover homerun by making your book available to agents, producers, directors, writers and actors on the lookout for fresh material to develop into full length feature films and serial TV shows.

Your book could be your ticket to Hollywood fame and fortune with the Hollywood Ticket. This service renders your book into the Script Coverage format, an industry standard report used for identifying new material for feature films or television series. It includes a thorough synopsis and critical analysis of your book delivered by a professional reader who subsequently recommends material to Hollywood agents, writers, directors and producers for consideration through our exclusive Hollywood Database. Learn More

The Hollywood First Act offers the same thorough synopsis and critical analysis of your book through a professional reader's Script Coverage, together with a professionally crafted 45-60 second teaser Book Video. Your book video will be a simple and elegant visual presentation of your book using still photos, images and motion graphics. Learn More

Make the cut by taking the first steps in bringing your work closer to an actual screenplay. Directors and producers judge a book adaptation's merits via the industry-standard Treatment. By adapting your book into a screenplay outline building on key storylines, characters and subplots as a prelude to a full screenplay adaptation, you boost your chances of hitting on-screen gold! Your Treatment will be accessible to Hollywood executives through our exclusive Hollywood Database. This service also comes with a US Copyright registration to ensure the integrity and the legal guarantees of your intellectual property. Learn More

Director’s Cut is a prerequisite for Producer's Pick. Fully convinced that you have the perfect blockbuster material? Then it's to time to green light a fully fleshed-out film adaptation of your book for pitching your work aggressively to major Hollywood production studios. The Hollywood Producer's pick features a production-ready draft of a script—complete with character dialogues and detailed sequential action scenes written in the standard Hollywood studios' screenplay format. Your Screenplay will be accessible to Hollywood executives through our exclusive Hollywood Database. It also comes with full legal guarantees of your intellectual property under US Copyright laws. Learn More  

When you purchase any one of these new services, you gain entrance into our exclusive Hollywood Database where top-level Hollywood executives and talent will be able to browse for new material.

Pitchfest Los Angeles 2014

Do you think your book has the potential to be adapted onscreen or on the stage? If you do, then let the film and television representatives know why during PitchFest Los Angeles 2014!

PitchFest Los Angeles 2014
Savvy authors know how vital first impression is. Open the door to new opportunities by making sure your pitch shows your book in the best light.

PitchFest Los Angeles 2014 with Video
Successful pitches aren’t read—they’re presented with verve and panache. Learn how to do just that, and present your pitch to entertainment representatives. Plus, showcase your book and yourself through your very own Author Interview.