Newsmaker Publicist


Execute your book publicity campaign with precision by using high quality professional services and expert media resources. The Newsmaker Publicist is the best foundation for developing your marketing platform. It lets you put together a focused marketing strategy specially designed to gain media interest and attention.

Media coverage is an essential part of any successful book marketing plan. With your Newsmaker Publicist package, you have a great starting point for promoting your title to different media outlets and attracting their interest and attention. This publicity campaign package includes:

  • A professional publicist who will be assisting you during this six-week publicity campaign in approaching key media outlets about featuring your book and in tracking news about your book.
  • A compelling press release written by professional PR writers, optimized for the Web and distributed to at least 1,000 media outlets (magazines, newspapers, radio and TV programs, and online publications) carefully chosen based on their location, focus, and format, among other criteria, to improve your chances of gaining media exposure or interviews.
  • The production of a 10- to 15-minute online radio interview recording packaged for distribution to radio and online broadcast websites and syndicated for download sites like iTunes and many others.
  • A digital copy of your radio interview recording for viral distribution through your blog, website, e-mail, social media, and other campaigns.

PLUS, for just £3,999 you can have a 6-week service extension of the publicist to continue your campaign. Our Marketing Consultants are available for free consultation by e-mail at or telephone at 0800-056-3182.