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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Manifesting Artistic Expression through Self-Publishing

As a daughter of an artist and poet, Nancy Garfield Woodbridge started writing at an early age. In fact, she wrote her first novel at the tender age of eight. Over the years, Nancy has viewed writing as an artistic expression and an impulse that prompts proper action.

Nancy has already published her works under traditional publishers in the past, namely, her children’s books The Tuesday Elephant and The Dancing Monkey, which were both well received. As children’s books are Nancy’s chosen niche, she later enrolled at the Institute for Children’s Literature where she learned more valuable things and began working on a few more manuscripts.

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Video of the Month

Learn THEORY YOU and Seize the Corner Office

Xlibris author Joseph Cronin discusses the importance of self-mentoring as the groundwork to becoming an effective leader through his debut book THEORY YOU. Seeing the lack of proper mentoring in most corporate organizations, Joseph shares his expertise drawn from invaluable years of work experience to help young professionals climb up the career ladder from the managerial stage to the corner office. He also believes self-publishing his work through Xlibris was the easiest and most efficient way to spread the word.

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Featured Service

Featured Service

Share-Your-Book Widget: Attract Readers with a Virtual Preview

Build up interest in your book with the Share-Your-Book Widget. This Xlibris book marketing tool gives your readers a free preview of your work and lets them share it with other readers as well.

What’s more, the tool allows you to trace the number of shares, sharers, and recipients to guide you on your next steps to pitching your book.

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