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Whatever your aspirations for your book,
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When you choose to publish your book with Xlibris,
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you are in control all the way—
from the delivery of the manuscript to seeing the first copy
of your completed book.

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It's All About Our Authors

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Finding Redemption: How a Lost Manuscript Became an Inspiration and an Award-Winning Book

After forty-five years, Ian Prattis rediscovered a manuscript he thought was long lost—he couldn’t even believe that he wrote it himself years ago.

Redemption was written back in 1975 when Ian was struggling with a failing marriage and an unstable career as a professor. Looking back, he couldn’t believe that he wrote those words in such a melancholic state. The rediscovery of his written work made him realize that many people also suffer from depression like he did and could also overcome that depression in time—like he also did.

In this month’s Author Spotlight edition, Ian talks about how a troubled time in life could turn into something positive and inspirational.

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Video of the Month

Learn THEORY YOU and Seize the Corner Office

Xlibris author Joseph Cronin discusses the importance of self-mentoring as the groundwork to becoming an effective leader through his debut book THEORY YOU. Seeing the lack of proper mentoring in most corporate organizations, Joseph shares his expertise drawn from invaluable years of work experience to help young professionals climb up the career ladder from the managerial stage to the corner office. He also believes self-publishing his work through Xlibris was the easiest and most efficient way to spread the word.

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Featured Service

Featured Service

Make Sharing Your Book Possible with a Widget

When people come across interesting or useful information, they usually feel compelled to share it with others—their friends, coworkers, and family. What if readers think your book is worth sharing? Give them the digital means through the Share-Your-Book service, an interactive widget that shows your book cover, an excerpt of your story, purchasing information, and more. It lets your readers share your book through social media, social bookmarks, or e-mail. They can even just copy the link to the widget and paste it wherever they like or embed it on their own website or blog.

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